The Never Ending Day

I have been struggling with what feels like a neverending day. Every day bleeds together. The only thing that I have that makes it feel like there are different days are my classes from Monday to Thursday. However, those classes end in two weeks and then I will have even more time to spend. 

How to Separate the Days

Get up at the same time every day and have a set schedule. During a normal time, you would have a schedule full of meetings, classes, work, and errands. Usually, you might use a planner to keep all this external schedule straight. You may not have these external schedule pieces currently, so you should create your own internal schedule. 

Last summer I was working 9 to 4 Monday through Friday, which meant I had all of Friday to do whatever I wanted. It was easy to wake up and watch videos on my phone until noon, which wasted a good portion of my day. I wanted to get things done on my day off rather than waste it. So, I created a schedule, broken down by hour, and this let be to accomplish a lot. This feeling that I had on Fridays during the summer is how every day feels now. That is why a schedule and mindfully doing things can help to break up the day. 

How to Spend the Extra Time

New or old hobbies, pick them up. You have copious amounts of free time (if you are not an essential worker). Use the time to improve yourself. Read a book you have been wanting to but haven’t had the time. Bake some bread, a lot of people are doing this. Try your hand at writing, drawing, painting, and art of any kind. 

Try not to spend all your time on Netflix and other streaming services. When this quarantine is over, you will feel like you have accomplished nothing. Unless you really think binge-watching the Office for the seventh time is a good use of your life. Use this time as a springboard into a better future you. You can never have too many hobbies when times are what you have an excess of. People work their whole life to live without work and we get a taste of that before we are retired. ( I know financially it isn’t great, trust me I feel it) Make the best of the situation at hand. 

Feeling Like You Have too Much Time and Yet Like You Have Accomplished Nothing

I mentioned in the section above that you will feel like you haven’t accomplished anything if you watch too many things online. This is one of the things that I struggle with. I feel like I am constantly connected to my phone or my computer. ( much of this is because I write a lot on my computer but a lot is watching videos) I tend to watch more education videos and call it research but, on days when I don’t get a lot of words written, these videos do not feel like research and instead are a distraction. 

Sometimes, reading can feel like this as well. I love reading and I know I need to read in order to be a great writer, but I just want to write. I have set myself some tough goals for the year in writing and I feel like everything else is taking away from reaching the goals. However, reading and research will aid my books and short stories and make me an overall better writer. If I spend all my time reading I won’t write anything. If I just write then it could be bad and I will have to revise more which takes just as long and I didn’t get to enjoy reading. 

It is amazing how I have been able to fill up my time and feel the pressure the has been self-imposed. This is a good and a bad thing because the pressure can cause me to not do either because I am afraid of choosing wrong. The best choice is to do a little bit of both and just move forward. 

Make yourself a schedule. Set some goals. Go get it done and have fun with it. 

How are you separating the days? What are the hobbies that have picked up and enjoy? What are some of your quarantine goals?

Stay safe loves!

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-Evi. L. Holmes

Staying Healthy Under Quarantine

I don’t always make the best choices when it comes to food. However, I have been eating healthy under quarantine. So why is my weight going up? 

These questions may be on the minds of many people during this weird time. One of the biggest things about quarantine is that we are more sedentary. Even if you are eating well, you could not be moving enough. 

Mindful eating 

It is easy to snack when you are home and bored for long swaths of time. Mindful eating and being aware of what you are putting in your body are integral to weight loss and weight maintenance. If you feel yourself getting out of control. Keep yourself accountable and record it in a journal either on paper or your phone. You are probably eating more than you think (I know that I am). It is amazing how just writing down what you eat can make you less likely to eat something, or an amount that you shouldn’t


Make sure that you are moving. My sister and I have been talking about this a lot. She has a fit watch and she has not been getting much higher than 1,000 steps a day. That is not even a tenth of what she should be getting. There is just too much time sitting on our buts. Normally, I would have to walk back and forth across campus four or five times a day. Now, all I have to do is a roll in and out of bed and flip on my computer (honestly I don’t even really have to leave my bed if I don’t want to). 

So, what do we do to combat this?

Well, when I am done writing this, I am going to go on a run around my neighborhood. Then, after class this evening, I will take my dog on a walk so we both get much-needed exercise. Now, this may not be possible for you because of quarantines and apartments. I am lucky enough to be in a neighborhood where I can run. If you can’t, be sure that you find some good workout videos. I at least try to do a 20-minute stretch video daily. (here is the link to one that I really like by Sydney Cummings. Check it out! 20 minute Stretch Video) There have been many new at-home workout videos posted that target people who don’t have weights because trainers know that you may not have the proper equipment. It is all about keeping moving. 

What is your quarantine workout routine?

Stay active, Stay Healthy, Keep Moving!

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